Stabilizer for Hand Embroidery

Stabilizer for Hand Embroidery

How I use Sulky water soluble stabilizer to transfer embroidery patterns to fabric

Disclaimer: This post has some affiliate links in it. I receive a small commission from purchases at no additional cost to the buyer. I only recommend products I would use and love and that  are of good quality. All opinions are my own!

I get a lot of questions about what product I use when I embroider my designs onto fabric. I use the medium weight Sulky water soluble stabilizer. This comes in three different weights, but I’ve found most success with the medium weight one! It’s a wash away stabilizer that dissolves in water.

I started using this stabilizer when I felt like I couldn’t get my exact design I had drawn up for my pet portraits onto the fabric. I used to use my ipad or a light box to transfer the stencil I drew, but for highly detailed pieces of embroidery it just doesn’t transfer as well when you do that. I came across this one day at the craft store and was super excited to use it.



What I like about it:

  • It’s thin enough that it isn’t hard to stitch through, and it basically feels like you’re only stitching through plain fabric. (I’ve tried a few other stabilizers that leave residue on your needle and are hard to stitch through)

  • It’s durable and I’ve never had it tear or dissolve while I was drawing on it or stitching on it. (NOTE: I have tried the lightweight stabilizer and this one does tear more easily and dissolves a little if you handle it too much. This has not been the case with the medium weight one though!)

  • This stabilizer is completely transparent, making it super easy and convenient to transfer patterns onto it.

  • You can tear the stabilizer away from your pattern and then rinse off any small remaining pieces of it once you are finished.

  • Unlike paper stabilizers, no stabilizer remains and it is easily dissolves when rinsed with water.


  • I have noticed that when you use this, the fabric and embroidery becomes somewhat stiff once you wash the stabilizer off. If you are embroidering on clothes, keep that in mind!

  • Make sure to use a marker that doesn’t bleed when you wash the stencil away. I use microns but I’m always careful to not leave any of the marker exposed around the image, as every now and then the ink will bleed

I really have no complaints about this product other than the two above! I use this stabilizer for pretty much every embroidery I do nowadays because it makes it so easy! I think it’s so important to have a solid stencil/design when you start your embroidery piece and this really makes a world of difference. Let me know what you think about it if you decide to give it a try! Or if you have any other products you like!

House Plants That Are Easy To Grow and Hard To Kill

I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have a green thumb. I have a ton of plants in my house, but they are all really easy to grow and i rarely have to do anything with them or water them. Here’s a list of plants that you should buy if you’re a beginner or forget to water your plants like I do sometimes…

Pothos Plants - these plants are really pretty and i love hanging them in macrame plant hangers! They are also relatively cheap and they don’t require a lot of watering or upkeep. I’ve also propagated them with relative ease! You can simply take a clipping from the base of the a stem/leaf and put it in water and it will grow roots. You’ll never have to buy another one of these plants ever again!

pothos plant

Palm Plants - These require a little more water and sunlight, but as long as its near a window with a good amount of light they stay pretty healthy! They also can grow to be pretty big. I have one in the corner of our living room.

palm plant

Staghorn - This is the coolest looking plant and you can even mount this plant on a piece of wood! It just needs to have it’s roots soaked in water about once a week. I just put mine in the sink and let is soak.

staghorn plant

Snake Plant: This plant is a relatively low light plant and it also doesn’t require much watering, so in my book it’s literally the easiest plant to keep alive!

snake plant

Succulents and Cacti: These require more sunlight, but very little watering and they’re so cute! My favorite is a jade plant.


If you’re interested in some further reading, I highly recommend this book, House of Plants. The photography is stunning and it goes in depth into common houseplants and how to care for them, common ailments, and even propagate them.

Disclaimer: This post has some affiliate links in it. I receive a small commission from purchases at no additional cost to the buyer. I only recommend products I would use and love and that  are of good quality. All opinions are my own!

Slow Living Lifestyle - My Favorite Simple Living Books

When you’re a kid, it’s only normal to have a vivid imagination and drive to make and see things. Unfortunately, it feels as though that mindset is stifled out of you as you grow older.

I grew up near the mountains in Virginia. I loved playing outdoors until it was dark, looking under rocks for insects, and building tree forts and birdhouses with my dad. My dad is a sign maker, and he was always making signs or various woodworking projects in the garage. I loved going out there and helping him or just watching him create things. His work ethic and creativity inspired me, and I think it has a lot to do with what I value to this day.

I think back to those simpler times and it reminds me to appreciate the little things and to never lose that creative spark to make with my own two hands.

I’ve rounded up a few books that I’ve been reading that have inspired me to slow down and live simpler, whether it be making something myself, gardening, taking care of plants, etc.

image credit:

image credit:

House of Plants : I picked this book up a few years ago when I was just getting into growing my collection of house plants. The photos in this book are breathtaking, and the instructions are simple and easy to follow. It made me feel a lot more confident in taking care of plants. I killed quite a few when I got started!

Some of these books were gifts from loved ones and others I bought myself. But they are all worth the read.

Recycled Home: This book has crafts that you can make with things you already have around the house: leftover fabric, wood, etc. There’s a lavender cushion to put under your pillow that I’ve been meaning to make!

Home Sweet Home Grown: I bought this book in hopes that I would learn a thing or two about gardening. While I haven’t built a full blown garden in our backyard yet ( we rent, and I’m not sure if our landlord would go for it!) I did make a potted plant garden with success. This book is perfect for beginner gardeners and has times to plant seeds, plants you can grow together, and several diy projects as well! It may be small, but it’s jam packed full of information.

Modern Pioneering: You don’t have to live out in the sticks to start being more self sufficient. This book is geared towards even city dwellers. It has recipes, gardening skills, preserving food, and even goes into plants and flowers that grow wild that you can forage. How cool is that?

Make Your Place: Contains recipes for cleaners, essential oil basics, and even homemade facial cleansers!

Disclaimer: This post has some affiliate links in it. I receive a small commission from purchases at no additional cost to the buyer. I only recommend products I would use and love and that  are of good quality. All opinions are my own!


Hand Embroidery Ebook - Learn How to Embroider!

Hand Embroidery E-book

Beginner Embroidery Patterns

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve made an E-BOOK! It’s jam packed full of all the best tips and information for embroidery materials and stitches. On top of that it includes 4 projects that are beginner friendly.

hand embroidery

The projects include a cute embroidered pillowcase, two embroidery hoop projects, and an upcycled mason jar project with 4 different designs to choose from. Stencils, color suggestions, and photos of all the stitches walk you through how to do all of these projects. I hope you have fun!

10746409776_IMG_3543 (1).jpeg

Hand Embroidery Supplies I'm Loving

Embroidery Tools to Make Your Life a Little Bit Cuter and Easier.

Disclaimer: This post has some affiliate links in it. I receive a small commission from purchases at no additional cost to the buyer. I only recommend products I would use and love and that  are of good quality. All opinions are my own!

Let’s face it, I’m a real nerd when it comes to embroidery tools and supplies. I go to Joann Fabrics for one thing and walk out with ten because there’s always something that I know I’ll get some use out of or some pretty fabric I want to embroider with!

Image Credit:  SnarkyCrafterDesigns  knows my struggle!

Image Credit: SnarkyCrafterDesigns knows my struggle!

This needleminder is my life.

Image Credit:  NamasteEmbroidery

Image Credit: NamasteEmbroidery

I have a soft spot for embroidery scissors. These are just…BEAUTIFUL!

Image Credit:  Wonderland Ukraine

Image Credit: Wonderland Ukraine

I have never seen anything like this thread organizer before! Organizing all that loose thread that comes with pet portraits would be a breeze!

Image Credit:  GostinnaKnit

Image Credit: GostinnaKnit

Maybe you need to even make your thread bobbins adorable!

Image Credit:  Kidish

Image Credit: Kidish

This pin cushion looks good enough to eat!

What I listen to while working and creating!

Music and podcasts literally get me through the day. Music motivates me and podcasts inspire and inform me. There are a ton that I listen to. I wanted to share some music and podcasts that are good quality that I think you’ll love! 

I made a playlist of some of my favorite songs that get me motivated and inspired to craft and work. 


Creativity Music  Playlist


Art For Your Ear 

If you’ve ever followed the blog The Jealous Curator, this is a podcast version of that!!  Danielle interviews artists of all different mediums and they’re always so lighthearted and funny. You feel like you’re in on the conversation. 

Creative Pep Talk 

If you need some inspiration or motivation this is the podcast for you. I’ve listened to almost all of them because they’re jam packed with real talk, tough love, and inspiration. Andy does solo episodes about different creative business as well as interviews with creative business owners. 


One Part Podcast

 Jessica Murnane hosts this awesome podcast all about food (plant based), wellness, business, etc and it’s just SO real and her conversations are just so deep and authentic with her guests. Definitely a must listen. 



 If you like true crime but want something a little bit more light hearted and quirky (think petty crimes and less murder-y) , you’ll love this podcast. The episodes are relatively short and easy to listen to while you’re doing something else at the same time! 

How to embroider Flowers by hand

How to embroider Flowers by hand

I’m so ecstatic to share with you all that I’ve created a beginner embroidery class all about embroidering your own floral design! I’ve been working really hard on this all month. This class shows you how to design your own pattern, transfer that pattern, and then basic stitches you can use to make the embroidery! 

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Social Media for Creative Business

Social Media for Creative Business

I started my embroidery business on Instagram. These platforms are such a great way to build an audience.  I still to this day use social media ALOT for my business, but I’ve also implemented other tactics outside of social media that make it so that I’m not as worried about the ever changing algorithms!

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Secrets of Embroidery - Embroidery Tips

Secrets of Embroidery - Embroidery Tips

Hi everyone! I’m continuing on with embroidery tutorials and this week I’m focusing on quick simple ways to improve your embroidery. I’ve learned a lot of these lessons the hard way, so I hope this helps you and you can use this as a resource so you don’t have to go through the same frustrations!

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