Slow and Mindful Living in a Fast World: A little bit about why I do what I do


I've been thinking a lot lately about what pulled me to start embroidering in the first place and what my purpose behind making them really is. Besides, any sort of product should be attractive on a superficial level, but I feel like there should be some sort of underlying story or meaning for them. I've come to the conclusion that I subconsciously kind of knew all along, but the reason didn't really come to light until very recently. 


The world we live in is so digital, fast, impersonal, and factory produced. I, like many other people, have always been drawn towards handmade, crafted, and well made items. My dad influenced me growing up, as he was always creating things with his hands out of wood and paper. (He owns a sign business) He always let me help with small tasks as a child and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I started making patches and embroideries for myself because I didn't want to buy them at the store and have the same thing as everyone else. I wanted an item to express myself and show my individuality. I loved the freedom to make literally anything I wanted and design the world I see through my lens. The first thing I made for myself was Black Flag bars that I sewed onto the back pocket of my jeans.


Whenever I make, I'm taken away from the mundane everyday and dive head first into my own little world. It makes me literally slow down, as everything I do is meticulous and takes a lot of time. I like to highlight all the small things in life that give people joy or spark a feeling of nostalgia. I think that’s why anything old (antiques, movies, etc) feels so magical. 

I have been trying to incorporate this slow and mindful living into the rest of my life too. Gardening, cooking at home, spending quality time with my husband and friends....I spend a lot of time on my phone though mostly due to running an online business. I want to be more mindful of that in the future and decrease the amount of time I spend scrolling on instagram  mindlessly. Doesn’t everyone? Haha


Anyway, I think what I’m trying to say is that I hope everyone finds that burning desire or passion that makes them slow down in their tracks. Something that makes them put down their phone and MAKE or ENJOY that thing.


What makes your world go round?