Beginner Embroidery Class


I’m so ecstatic to share with you all that I’ve created a beginner embroidery class all about embroidering your own floral design! I’ve been working really hard on this all month. This class shows you how to design your own pattern, transfer that pattern, and then basic stitches you can use to make the embroidery! The class is 30 minutes long and goes in depth on all of the stitches as well as how I use them in my pattern I create. I hope you all will check it out and enjoy it! In order to take the class, there is a link(it is an affiliate link) I’ll provide to you for two free months of skillshare! Skillshare has an abundance of other classes on embroidery, crafts, DIY, business, photography, etc. I have used this platform to learn new skills for the past two years and it’s so helpful and fun. There is no commitment to a membership but I’m pretty sure you’ll love this site! Here is the link to 2 free months and my embroidery class!!!