Outside of the Hoop

Unconventional mediums and ideas for hand embroidery!

I'm always looking for ways to embroider on new things, or frame things differently because sometimes a plain wood embroidery hoop can get boring. I decided to make a list of articles of clothing, materials, and ways to frame embroidery that keeps things interesting.


Canvas Hats

I love being able to embroider on articles of clothing or accessories that are wearable. These pet portrait hats are a hit with people because you can take your best friend with you everywhere! Tip: It's easier to work on a hat with a small 3 or 4 inch embroidery hoop to stabilize the fabric!

nope embroidered shirt.jpg

Thrifted Clothing

Going to the thrift store really gives me the coolest ideas and materials to work with. My favorite types of clothes to work with are tank tops and anything that is linen and denim. I like to scope out super basic and simple clothes that I can make colorful with embroidery. It also makes it easier to not have to compete with other patterns or embellishments on the clothing. These materials and styles of clothing are super easy to embroider on and look so great when you're finished with the embroidery.

antique frame.png

Antique Frames

3. Antique Frames - Again, I find these all the time at antique stores, flea markets, and thrift stores. Sometimes the pictures that come with them aren't so great, so why not use the frame for your own masterpiece?


Felt Patches

Felt patches - Felt is neat to work with because you don't have to worry about hemming the edges when you're finished because it doesn't fray! You can then sew it on to any of your favorite jackets!

Are you good with a sewing machine? This is another way you can hang your embroidery up on the wall without the hoop.  Make sure to plan out your sewing pattern first, then sew your embroidery design, and then assemble the banner.

 These handmade frames made specifically for embroidery are breath-taking!


I hope this inspired you to work outside the hoop, or show you that embroidery can be used in so many different ways. Have any other ideas I didn't cover? Leave a comment and let me know!