An Afternoon Spent Learning How to Macrame

Learning How to Macrame

I spent about 2 hours taking and making Tiffany from Desert Loom’s Skillshare class! This wall hanging so so fun to make and is suitable for even someone whose never macrame'd before! Her class is great because it's quick and to the point (16 minutes). The video has close ups of all of the stitches and she explains very clearly how to make each element of the macrame wall hanging.


Macrame Knots

The one thing I regret is not buying the three strand rope that you can unravel because it looks so much more finished when you do that.  


Macrame Rope

I didn't have a great place to hang the wooden dowel while I worked so I hung it across two chairs. Because of this, my German Shepherd, Finn, wanted to eat the rope the whole time so that was fun. Haha 


Macrame Wall Hanging

I definitely have some work to do on my macrame skills, but I’m loving this class because it helped me master the basic stitches that you can use to make just about anything!  

Here’s the finished product! 



I highly recommend this class! If you’re interested in trying out skillshare for FREE for two months you can sign up through my link! I receive a small commission from this, but it’s absolutley free for you and there are no commitments! There are numerous classes on different arts and crafts and I also teach embroidery there. :)  

Alexandria from FTD By Design also reached out to me about her beautiful tutorials for macrame. They are wonderful and easy to follow and I’m excited to learn more! There are wall hanging tutorials as well as hanging planter tutorials. I’m in love!

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