DIY Pin Cushion From An Old T Shirt

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My husband cut the sleeves off of one of his shirts and I had an AHA moment to reuse the fabric in some way! Since Halloween is around the corner, I decided to make a Halloween themed pin cushion!



Old T-shirt or scrap fabric

Embroidery Hoop



Embroidery Floss

Chalk Pencil or Water Soluble Marker



Since I’m working on black fabric, I used a white chalk pencil. I drew out my design and roughly drew a circle of how large I wanted the pin cushion to be.


I cut out an equal sized piece of fabric for the back of the pin cushion, and I didn’t have any stuffing so I kept the excess fabric to use as stuffing.


I stretched the fabric in the embroidery hoop and used a back stitch to embroider my design. ( For more basic hand embroidery stitches, click here for a FREE PDF!)


Once I was done with my stitching, I knotted off the thread and placed the two pieces of fabric together with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. I again drew a circle where I was going to stitch.


I then made a running stitch around my circle outline and left an inch or two of room. I left the thread hanging for now, as I’ll be using it to close the pin cushion once it is flipped right side out.


Before I flipped the fabric right side out, I trimmed the fabric and left about 1/4 inch around.


Then, I flipped the pin cushion right side out so the pumpkin is showing!


I put the stuffing in and then did a whip stitch to close the remaining hole.


TADA! The cutest little pin cushion. I would recommend using real stuffing or sand for the pin cushion. T shirt material is a bit lumpy and its harder to get the needles in place, but I’m super happy with the way it turned out!


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