What I listen to while working and creating!

Music and podcasts literally get me through the day. Music motivates me and podcasts inspire and inform me. There are a ton that I listen to. I wanted to share some music and podcasts that are good quality that I think you’ll love! 

I made a playlist of some of my favorite songs that get me motivated and inspired to craft and work. 


Creativity Music  Playlist


Art For Your Ear 

If you’ve ever followed the blog The Jealous Curator, this is a podcast version of that!!  Danielle interviews artists of all different mediums and they’re always so lighthearted and funny. You feel like you’re in on the conversation. 

Creative Pep Talk 

If you need some inspiration or motivation this is the podcast for you. I’ve listened to almost all of them because they’re jam packed with real talk, tough love, and inspiration. Andy does solo episodes about different creative business as well as interviews with creative business owners. 


One Part Podcast

 Jessica Murnane hosts this awesome podcast all about food (plant based), wellness, business, etc and it’s just SO real and her conversations are just so deep and authentic with her guests. Definitely a must listen. 



 If you like true crime but want something a little bit more light hearted and quirky (think petty crimes and less murder-y) , you’ll love this podcast. The episodes are relatively short and easy to listen to while you’re doing something else at the same time!