Hand Embroidery Supplies I'm Loving

Embroidery Tools to Make Your Life a Little Bit Cuter and Easier.

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Let’s face it, I’m a real nerd when it comes to embroidery tools and supplies. I go to Joann Fabrics for one thing and walk out with ten because there’s always something that I know I’ll get some use out of or some pretty fabric I want to embroider with!

Image Credit:  SnarkyCrafterDesigns  knows my struggle!

Image Credit: SnarkyCrafterDesigns knows my struggle!

This needleminder is my life.

Image Credit:  NamasteEmbroidery

Image Credit: NamasteEmbroidery

I have a soft spot for embroidery scissors. These are just…BEAUTIFUL!

Image Credit:  Wonderland Ukraine

Image Credit: Wonderland Ukraine

I have never seen anything like this thread organizer before! Organizing all that loose thread that comes with pet portraits would be a breeze!

Image Credit:  GostinnaKnit

Image Credit: GostinnaKnit

Maybe you need to even make your thread bobbins adorable!

Image Credit:  Kidish

Image Credit: Kidish

This pin cushion looks good enough to eat!