Beginner Embroidery Classes I Recommend



Learn how to Embroider with these beginner embroidery classes on skillshare!  

I’ve rounded up several of my favorite embroidery classes for those that are new to embroidery, or looking to learn different methods! 

If you’re not familiar with skillshare, it’s a website that features classes from all kinds of different teachers, professionals, and makers on anything you can imagine. Art, business, crafts, photography, etc! If you go through this link ( I do earn a small commission, no extra charge to you) you can earn two free months with no commitments! By signing up, all of the classes are available to you. Here’s the link!

Now, let’s get on to the classes!

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 1. “Sashiko : A Japanse embroidery technique" an Online Skillshare Class by Cerise Montauban 

Sashiko Embroidery is so beautiful! It’s geometric repeat patterns are sure to make a simple piece modern and decorative. This class is short and to the point and super easy to follow along.



2. "Hand Embroidery Fundamentals" an Online Skillshare Class by Alice Mitev

Ive followed Alice on Instagram (@cut_and_rum) for years and love her work! This class is a great run down of some of the most common embroidery stitches and techniques for those just starting out.  



3.  "Freehand Embroidery Hoop Art" an Online Skillshare Class by Emiko Peterson-Yoon

 I love this method of embroidery. It’s so beautiful, loose and colorful! Emiko is also very thorough in her instruction on how to get started with your project. She even goes over color theory!


4. “The French Knot: Make a Gorgeous Ombré Pendant" an Online Skillshare Class by Kira Lantz

If you’re looking to make a piece of jewelry with your embroidery instead of wall art, this is the class for you! The pendents looked like they would be complicated to assemble, but Kira  shows you step by step how to assemble them and makes it really easy! 



5. "Silk ribbon embroidery card" an Online Skillshare Class by Irina Podolyakent

Ribbon embroidery adds such a cool texture and feel to your piece. This class teaches you how to Embroider flowers with silk ribbon!



6. "Embroidery for Beginners: The Basics" an Online Skillshare Class by Morgan Roberts 

Another staple class to take if you're just starting out with embroidery! The project in this one is to make your own monogram embroidery piece. You even get a pattern printout of each letter of the alphabet to get you started.


 7. “Creative Hand Embroidery- Learn How to Embroider Beautiful Florals" an Online Skillshare Class by Amanda Neely

Last, I had to link my class! This class is geared towards beginners and it’s based around learning how to design, transfer, and implement your very own floral embroidery pattern!