Thrifting Tips - Finding Quality Second Hand Clothing

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Have you ever gone thrift shopping and been COMPLETELY overwhelmed? I know I have. Sometimes you have to be in just the right mood to go on a treasure hunt, and if you’re hearts not into it, you aren’t going to look hard enough to find anything. I’ve compiled some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way to make things a little easier for you so you can find quality second hand clothing that you’ll love!


1.  Short on time or patience? Do a quick browse by material or texture. I like to look for linens and wool, and denim. I find that these materials tend to be better quality pieces and a lot turn out to be vintage items  


2. Look at off season clothing. People tend to shop in season for clothes, so if you’re looking in the off season clothing, your chances of finding some unique pieces and having more variety is higher. Some of my most precious winter sweaters I found in the middle of summer!


3. Don’t pay as much attention to size.  Most stores I go to don’t have clothes sorted by size, but even still I try not to pay attention to size tags. A lot of clothes that are vintage are sized “bigger” than current day sizes, so you may miss out on a good piece if you turn it down because it’s not your size. If you’re super crafty, you could always hem or take in articles of clothing!

4. Shop at Goodwill outlets. In most major cities, there are goodwills that sell their clothes by the pound. These clothes aren’t sorted through like they are in regular goodwill stores, so you’ll have to be willing to dive through massive bins of clothes, but the finds are normally gems. I’ve found a ton of vintage denim!


 5. Shop for basics. Mom jeans, leather jackets, bomber jackets, denim shirts. These are so easy to find and they are so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. They’re also awesome to upcycle and embroider on to add your own personal flair


6. Go often. If you don’t find anything, don’t get discouraged. Thrift stores have a high volume of clothes they go through, so chances are they’ll have new pieces the following week. The more often you go, the luckier you’ll get!



I hope some of these tips help! Happy thrifting. <3


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