Embroidery Materials List


A comprehensive list of all you need to get started.

This post contains affiliate links in it. I only recommend products that I trust and use.

Learning embroidery is so fun, and with everything available now at your fingertips, it’s definitely not hard to get your hands on what you need. It’s also rather inexpensive compared to a lot of other hobbies out there!

For a detailed run down of embroidery supplies you’ll need, check out this blog post.

Stores that carry embroidery supplies:

  1. Joann Fabrics

  2. Hobby Lobby

  3. Michael’s

  4. A.C. Moore

Buy Supplies Online:




DMC Threads

Snuggly Monkey on Etsy

Want to take a class online? I have one!! It’s on what of my favorite learning platforms, Skillshare. I go through how to setup your embroidery, transfer your pattern, and all the basic stitches you need to know in order to make a beautiful floral embroidery hoop. You can click the picture of link above and get 2 free months of Skillshare so you can check out my class and so many others. I use this website all the time for just about anything I want to learn ( web design, photography, social media, painting, etc. They have it all.)

These are my all time favorite books that I own. Most of what I’ve learned were from these books. But let’s be real, the Google was my best friend, too.

Try one of these kits.