Hand Embroidery Books

How-to Embroidery Books

This was the first book I ever got as a present from my best friend when I was teaching myself embroidery. This has embroidery stencils in it that are super cute and simple and you can iron them on to fabric. Definitely a go to!

If you're looking to teach yourself how to thread paint to make animal portraits or get a more realistic look to your embroidery, this is a great resource.

Super clear pictures and a ton of different stitches. This also has an in depth section on drawn thread and cut work embroidery which is hard to find!

Another thrift store find that's pure gold! I use this all the time and have used it to learn quilting and applique as well.

This is my absolute favorite book full of awesome stitches. I still refer to this for stitches I need refreshment on.

I found this one at a thrift store, but it's still available online! This has everything from embroidery to knitting to sewing. It's a bible of needlecraft basically.

This book is great because it has modern projects in it and also how to do all of the stitches.

Again, this is jam packed with content and not just embroidery. There are lots of instructions and projects to do. I've even. learned how to make pillow covers from this book!